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El Paso is home to many beautiful houses with rich history and backgrounds. From lush modern houses, to the rustic look and feel of the adobe finish, to the standard and sturdy brick. However, some history is better off forgotten and not mentioned. I am talking of course about Inspection Time! There are many things a Realtor may not want you to know about the conditions surrounding the house. Leaky roof, termites, ants, cracked foundation, outdated electrical panels, plumbing issues, and the list goes on and on and on. Here at elpasotxhomeinspector we can guarantee that the headaches will disappear the second we walk through the door.

Cheap and Affordable, No Hassle in Sight.

You can trust us to perform a trusted and thorough sweep of all of the interior and exterior of your home. “Some things can’t be helped”. That is untrue and if anyone contractor ever used that line with you, then you are the perfect candidate to give elpasotxhomeinspectors a call. For whatever reason, if you feel your house may not sell easy or may be a ticking time bomb, No Worries! Here in El Paso, you house can be bought and sold as is hassle free. If you need to get an inspector to sell or buy a home in the great sun city.

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